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The New Republican Party

More than one hundred former Republican officials met via Zoom recently to discuss plans to form a new political party. The group in question is unhappy with how the current Republican party has handled the situation surrounding Donald Trump. They seek to create a reformed Republican party, distanced from Donald Trump’s rule and ideals.

The group’s members span decades of Republican influence. Its composition includes elected officials with experience under both Bush administrations, some who worked under Ronald Reagan, and even some who worked under the very man these Republicans seek to distance themselves from, Donald Trump. One prominent figure involved is Evan McMullin, former chief policy director for the House Republican Conference. His inspiration to split from the Republican Party stems from his fear that “large portions of the Republican Party are radicalizing and threatening American democracy.”

McMullin, who co-hosted the call, said of the proposed group via Twitter that, “it shouldn’t only include ‘Never Trumpers’. Rather, it should unite all those who now commit to American democracy, truth, and reason and who desire a political identity centered on those things.” He

continued, adding “The party needs to recommit to truth, reason, and founding ideals” or there has to be a change.

Roughly 40% of those on the call were in favor of starting a new party. Possible names include the Integrity Party or the Center Right Party – with an alternative option simply being to have a faction within the Republican Party itself. This would suggest several possibilities in terms of elections, they could either put forth their own candidates, or back candidates in other parties, whether they be Republican, Independent, or even Democrat.

It is also worth noting that a Hill-HarrisX poll from January revealed that 64% of Republicans would leave the GOP to join a new party started by Donald Trump – something not entirely outside the realm of possibility, as the former president has hinted at that possibility in the recent past.

McMullin foreshadows the future with a strong statement in another Twitter post: “There's growing demand for something new among principled Republicans. The GOP is lost in a sea of lies and has clearly become a destructive force. Whether it's a faction operating independently of the GOP or a new party, something new is needed. The status quo is unsustainable.” Whichever route the party system takes moving forward, it is clear that changes are coming on the horizon.


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1 Comment

Feb 21, 2021

This 3rd Party will be a super minor Party! Trump does not want or need the GOP old or new GOP! This Conservative Christian wants no part of any Party that refuses to recognize Conservative Christian values! We want our own nation and to be fairly separated from the United States of America! I have nothing United with the fake media, or giving up any constitutional freedoms, especially from the far left Democrat Parties that discriminates! We had rather gun down anyone associated with the liberal left or the shakedown by the Democrats that support fags, lesbians, foreign unearned citizens, and teachers that program left wing values in our children - Obama Indoctrination-, or the Dem Party persecution of anti-…

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