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The 'For the People' Act

The Democrats’ have repeatedly stated that their top priority since the inauguration of Joe Biden has been passing House Resolution 1, commonly known as the “For The People Act”.

This nearly 800-page piece of legislation, introduced by John Sarbanes (D-MD), already passed through the House once in 2019. If passed by the Senate it will present sweeping changes to our political system across the board. The bill has several key objectives including making Washington DC a state, expanding voting rights, enhancing election security, reducing the number of Federal Election Commissioners, ending gerrymandering, reforming policies on campaign financing, and overall changing the ethics of politics to more closely reflect the Democrat ideal.

The most divisive area of the bill seems to be the content centered around voting. According to the section regarding voter access, HR1 would allow voters to register online, where they will be able to easily designate or cancel their party affiliation. Furthermore, the bill would ban states from asking for anything more than the last four digits of a social security number for registration. If passed, voters will now be able to register on the day of the election, and states will be required to automatically register anyone who is eligible to vote but has not already registered themselves. The use of Mail-in ballots would be expanded significantly, as well.

Liberals see this as a step forward and feel that by expanding voting opportunities to those who generally are unable to access them they are doing a service to the community.

Tucker Carlson, the host of Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox, is one of the most outspoken opponents of the bill.

Carlson warns of the possibility of mass voter fraud, and asks the probing question ‘what is to stop someone from walking around their neighborhood, gathering up as many mail-in ballots as they can carry, filling them out, and dropping them all off at a collection center?’ He preaches this as a real possibility because if the government is no longer allowed to ask people for ID while casting their in-person vote, fraud will become infinitely easier. He warns that the For The People Act is a power grab from the Democrats. Strongly insinuating that this is the left’s attempt to hold onto power since all those people who traditionally do not vote will now feel indebted to the democratic party and will choose to keep them in power moving forward.

Carlson also preaches about the constant hypocrisy of the left and how counterproductive this bill would be in practice. He states that the march on the capital in January was a response to voter fraud and that the passing of this bill would only create more widespread fraud. He anticipates further corruption tearing the nation apart, an increased amount of dissonance between the American people, and eventually another inevitable insurrectionist outburst.


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1 Comment

Johnny Procidano
Johnny Procidano
Feb 20, 2021



He idea of mail in voting would work IF voting hours were regulated to what they once were. Where I live voting opens at 7:am and closes at 7:pm.

The machine/s run their counts to be sure they match those that had been handed a ballot. Everything has to match or there will be lot of confusion.

This idea the democrats had in the last Nov. 3rd election was to extend the voting for the purpose of bringing in vans loaded with made up ballots just

so Biden would win was a falsehood. Also extending election in the words of some democrats; ‘so that all people could vote.’ Was another means to

commit fraud.

Please respond

P …

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