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Stimulus Check Changes

Liberal Americans are beginning to express displeasure toward the Biden Administrations as new information regarding his stimulus check plan comes to light.

The pandemic arrived in the United States almost one year ago, and since then the broken record has continued to play. American citizens are hurting for cash. Jobs have been lost. Homes have been foreclosed on. Bills are not getting paid. Yet, masses of people are not solving their own problems and are instead continuing to hold out hope for a government hand out. Waiting for the next wave of promised stimulus check may prove futile, as it appears not all promises will be kept by our new administration.

A large part of Biden and the Democrats’ campaign as a whole hinged on the promise of greater pandemic relief for the nation. Possibly even to the point where some liberals voted for Biden solely based on these promised socilist programs. However, the allure of the stimulus check may have all been a charade. Now that Biden is in office, he has stated his openness to discussing a reduced number of checks being distributed, as well as adjusting the threshold as to who is eligible to receive the money.

The initial stimulus checks were issued to Americans earning less than $75,000 or couples earning less than a combined $150,000. These were the same brackets that were anticipated moving forward for the upcoming round of checks. However, the new proposal suggests the numbers will be adjusted to $50,000 for individuals, or $100,000 for couples. Also, they are basing eligibility on people’s 2019 taxed income rather than their 2020 income. According to The Washington Post, this would reduce the number of eligible Americans from 85% to 71%.

Biden and the Democrats have not officially made their decision to lower the income threshold, but hopefully if the income threshold is lowered our government will have done enough to appease the liberal masses, and then will be able to put the money that was not wasted on stimulus checks towards more important endeavors.


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