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Nursing Home Deaths Under Governor Cuomo

Democrat politicians such as New York Governor Cuomo have been praised for their Covid-19 approach, by overusing the blanket statement “Stay Home, Save Lives.” However, the story looks a lot different when nursing home deaths are examined.

Cuomo’s draconian stay at home orders were devastating to the economy but at least could be rationalized. However, there is no excuse for Cuomo forcing nursing homes to accept patients who tested positive with Coronavirus last March. There was already widespread consensus among experts that the worst place for Covid-19 transmission was in nursing homes, but Cuomo turned a blind eye to this truth. When Cuomo decided to adjust the order in May, there was already proof of thousands of deaths connected to his nursing home policies.

This fatal choice has been and is continuing to reflect poorly on him ever since its inception. Recently, a report was released by the New York Attorney General that showed the number of Covid deaths connected to nursing homes was about 50% more than the current state death toll, which was about 8,700 deaths. This means that the total was actually around 12,473 deaths, a large chunk of which was directly caused by Cuomo’s actions.

One would think that Cuomo would be apologetic upon learning this news and would be sending his condolences to the families who lost their loved ones. However, Cuomo just said, “Who cares (where people died). They died.” Saying this was meant to exonerate himself from the higher death count, it did the opposite. Saying that since the patients are dead now, the data is meaningless.

Last year, Cuomo said, “You could literally kill someone by not wearing a mask.” Well, making nursing homes accept Covid patients is so much worse than isolated incidents of individuals accidentally forgetting to wear a mask. Maybe it is time for Cuomo to reorientate his priorities before he trying to receive praise at the International Emmy Founders Award for cultivating “authentic truth and stability.” The striking number of nursing home deaths shows he has done the opposite.


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