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Border Crisis Somehow Getting Even Worse

The alarming situation at the border has been well documented. Myriads of Central American, Mexican, African, and Asian immigrants have flocked to the United States’ southern border seeking access to the country in record numbers.

It has been widely said that the overall handling of the southern border since Biden entered office has been a disaster. Democrats have refused to acknowledge it as a “crisis,” despite all signs pointing to such a description. Besides the fact that there are a record number of immigrants passing through, Joe Biden has gone the extra mile and dumped incredible amounts of money into immigrant care once they are allowed entrance.

One of Biden’s first orders as president was to roll back Donald Trump’s policies regarding immigration. He quickly ordered all construction on Trump’s border wall to be halted. Beyond that, Biden aided in creating a path to citizenship for immigrants. He made it possible for more immigrants to become citizens and sped up the process to reach citizenship, all of which essentially invited more and more people in.

After creating these issues, Biden passed them off onto Vice President Kamala Harris who is now the border liaison. However, she has been hesitant to address the situation. She was assigned the project late in February but has not yet visited the border. Harris was in Southern California over Easter weekend but did not find the time to head south to do her job. She has spoken on the crisis, once – when she laughed upon being asked if she’d make a trip to the border soon.

It is understandable why Harris would not want to speak on the situation, though. The crisis at the border has gotten far out of hand. In a show of hypocrisy, after calling out the Trump administration for keeping ‘kids in cages’ at detention facilities, Biden and his administration now have as many as 19,000 children detained.

Countless children are being shipped to the border every day, as Biden’s regulations have stated that children, for the most part, will not be turned away. Unfortunately, this is being taken advantage of. Unaccompanied children are costing the nation nearly $90 million, as Biden has created a contract with ICE and a Texas nonprofit to place some-1200 migrants in hotels for the next six months.

People of course are taking advantage of the situation and have intent to cause the U.S. harm although not always financially. Young cartel members in their early 20’s are claiming to be teens to make their way into the country while older cartel members pose as their parents. They have the goal to spread the reach of the cartel into the U.S. to make them more money. These methods pose a threat to the country’s safety and well-being overall.

Another method of entry involves people using children that are not theirs to make gaining entrance easier and then abandoning them once the crossing is complete. Just this week a young boy was found, alone, in an area of the southern Texas desert riddled with wild animals. He stayed there alone after being abandoned by his companions. He said he came with a group but “they dumped me, and I don’t know where they are…I am afraid.” He approached an off-duty Border Patrol car. The boy was a preteen, somewhere between 10 and 12 years old. “I came here to ask you for help,” he said, speaking only in Spanish.

If this becomes a trend, cartel members could be using children as a means to enter the country, and nothing more. These people, sometimes known as “coyotes,” charge thousands of dollars per person to cross the border – and now could be abandoning children and making the country a more dangerous place on top of that.

Chief of Border Patrol for the El Paso sector, Gloria Chavez, pleads with parents not to send their children across the border, “To all parents who are considering sending their unaccompanied children to the border, please reconsider that act because it is very dangerous to expose the children,” to this situation with no way of knowing if they are being abandoned upon arrival.

Beyond the dangers of the physical act of crossing the border, there are plenty of risks for the children should they make it safely into the United States. Biden and his supporters are simply running out of places to put the children. In addition to the near-20,000 children in detention centers at the border and the 1200 immigrants housed in hotels, Biden has made a push to place migrant children in California foster homes – a move which has been met with a range of emotions from tepid interest to outright anger.


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