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Biden Permits Global Funding of Abortion

One of Biden's most unsettling executive orders was signed during his first week of office. This order will allow the US foreign aid fund to pay for abortions worldwide. He did this by revoking the Mexico City Policy, which former President Trump had reinstated to bar foreign aid from being distributed to organizations that promoted abortion across the globe.

Biden justified the order by saying that it was "protecting women's health at home and abroad" so they could have their reproductive needs met. However, distributing foreign aid to other countries to increase access to abortions is not in the interest of the American people.

In a Marist Poll that was conducted recently, nearly 60% of Americans are opposed to foreign aid being used for abortions in other countries. Unfortunately, Americans have no say in Biden's executive orders, even though they are the ones who will be paying for them through their hard-earned money. This is problematic and should not be allowed to continue.

The lack of consensus on the matter shows that Biden is merely acting in favor of the left, rather than being a voice for all Americans as he proclaimed he would be. Melanie Israel, an expert from the Heritage Foundation, says that "The American people shouldn't be forced to bankroll the abortion industry, in America or foreign countries." Unfortunately, Americans have little power in where their taxpayer money goes, and they will have no choice now but to support abortions of women abroad.

Biden should be listening to the majority of Americans, but he is not. Rather than increasing taxes to fund remote projects that many Americans oppose, he should let them keep more of their money so they can spend it as they desire. America is the land of the free, not the land where Americans pay for what Biden and his leftist agenda desire.


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